RAD Engineering Links

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Math Links

Graphmatica-plots most simple 2D equations
.... with some simple calculus calculations
Graph Paper from your Computer

======PIC Programmer stuff-- the four horsemen=====

......Horseman #1 You need a good transfer program
Bonny Gijzen's Transfer program

......Horseman #2 You need a simple programming language
PicBasic compiler
CCS PIC/c-compiler
Alternate PIC/c-compiler
Pico- PIC compiler

......Horseman #3 You should have a simple chip blaster board (see ebay)
Dontronics, a Source for hobby PIC products
PIC Headquarters--where it all begins
Minimalist PIC programmer

......Horseman #4 Start with lots of examples//don't be afraid to search Pic, Atmel or Embedded Controller on Amazon.com
Wow!!..Embedded Controller Heaven ... computer course examples
Easy Pic'N, oldie but simple
PIC Microcontroller Project Book
Programming & Customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers, Myke Predko

Suppliers of Automated Mfg. Parts

PhD Inc., Air cylinders and grippers
80/20 Inc., Industrial Erector Set (TM)
Newark, Electronics Parts & Data Sheets
Digikey, Small and large lot parts / Hobby & Industrial
Grainger, Motors, Relays, Timers, Electrical Gear
Allied Electronics Parts & Data Sheets
A good parts link page
A good mechanical parts link page, Small Parts Inc.

Supplier of Robots & Parts..Industrial

Robot Industries Association
ABB/Asea Brown Boveri Robotics
Adept Robotics
Staubli Unimation-PUMA Robot
Mitsubishi Robots
Motoman Robots
Fanuc Robotics
Kuka Robots
Panasonic Robots
Nachi Robots
Reis Robots
Workspace Automation Conf.
Seiko Robots
Kawasaki Robots
Yamaha Robots

Suppliers/Info on Robot Parts..Hobby

Khepera Info.
Lynxmotion, A good Hobby source
C-compilers for many single chip systems
.....Basic Stamp Programmer stuff
Basic Stamp HQ

Search Engine for Engineering Ideas...


Basic Program Sources

dark basic
decimal basic
free basic
future basic
just basic
liberty basic
pure basic
power basic
real basic, a good cross platform RAD Basic
true basic
visual basic
xbasic VB-like out of Germany
Chipmonk Basic
small basic

C++ Links

GCC and G++ opens source C/C++ compilers
Good C++ compiler free
C++ Builder/Delphi (used to be Borland) good RAD IDE
.Net open source (Mono) for Linux
Microsoft C# good RAD IDE
Port of GNU opensource C++ to Windows


Editted August 2008