Arduino Programs
Greenhouse Mist Timer - 20sec on, 20 min off
SD Card - Serial Write Demo
Thermistor Reading - RF reading of Thermistors at several hundred feet
GY88 Flight Control Card - Code for Access, alternate colors
2.4" TFT display - Code demonstrates TFT commands
Code warning: My goal was to make the code available for copy-paste. but angle brackets and "and" signs often do not appear in HTML and have been, supposedly, replaced with escape characters, substituted code to make those symbols accessible. Sadly I am a bit forgetful and in a hurry, So, if something doesn't compile or there is a question you may need to download the HTML source code for comparison. Google "prettify" has been used to present this Arduino C code (It doesn't work so well on VB-6). Here is what I should have done:
#1, Install Google prettify.
#2, Replace escape characters like "<"
#3, Pick colors:Here... Then find the CSS style,

Linux Programs and Journeys:
Creating SVG graphs using C-language, GCC or MS, to share on the net. Includes plot, svg code, and GCC program.
Restoring the title bar icons in gnome, shame on you gnome people. Fedora 17, Linux, Search for the pea!
Gambas demo of Cairo bindings, for example only.

Programs converted to VB-6 and C++ Builder are at the beginning of this screen with source code. Warning: Visual Studio and .NET support may be slowly phased out at this site someday:
Program in VB6 and Arduino C to act as a remote greenhouse light timer, with arduino and VB6 installation and source code files. Good setup for someone to further adapt program to download light times to a remote arduino controller by serial or wifi. Modified 3/24/2021. No wifi or RF transmit has been tested at this time but serial coms and timing selection, storage, etc. are fully functional. Zipped files are referenced here.
Program in VB6 with setup file to act as egg timer, includes source code showing picture box contents rotation sourced elsewhere. Zipped file here.
Program in VB6 to receive temperature data from a TI Launchpad Embedded uC. The MSP430 uC
Tic tac toe program.
to demonstrate use of VB6 resource files and temp files. It is a programming
exercise only. It was used to explore a variety of items needed for other programs. It is dedicated
to my grand daughter Sarah as an introduction to artificial intelligence. i.e. Don't be fooled by the old
grandpa behind the curtain. Source code is provided so that you can swap out sound files of your own chosing.
All the sound files used here are from a public website and are copyright MGM Studios from the movie "Wargames".
As such, commercial use of this program is prohibited unless you first create your own sound files and have
permission from its author. Tic-tac-toe
Sudoku Game
Arising out of hours of frustration, this program automates what I have been doing to solve sudoku puzzles.
Since according to one web meter I rank in the lowest one percentile for solving such puzzles,
it began as a way of relieving my own curiousity but maybe you will feel a bit better after
seeing my madness. I have provided the source code so that you can see the code, modify it and
compile it yourself. However it is shareware and it is copyrighted. For $10.00 via Paypal at
you get latest copy and a certificate of ownership!! Sudoku
Lens Maker. Uses CNC lathe to create plastic lenses. Designed as commercial product, no
source code without payment but fun program.
CNC Lens maker.
Fun program creates colanders, sieves, drain & filter plates, speaker protectors, bubbler plates,
etc. using an NC mill or photoetching to make multiple rows of holes. Most of the functions are self
explanatory. Comes with source code. Good starting point for an acrylic spring seed germinator or a great
metalsmith project for draining veggies.
Colander maker.
This program converts and sorts multiple HTML documents into a single text document without
pictures so that it can be read offline (0.75 MB Download)
HTML to RTF converter program
Student remake of the classic 25 square slider game using VB6 with source code and resources.
This game allows you to rearrange a 25 square puzzle made from any picture file or to just slide
numbered buttons about! (3MB Download)
This program is meant to calculate feed and speed for CNC machining.
Feed and Speed Calculator

This program is a simulation of a PID controller for regulating DC motor position. Algorithms permit
simple examination of changes in load and other conditions.
PID simulation in Visual Basic 6.0
VB6 program is a crude CPM Chart Program. Algorithms developed in data structures course at
ITT Technical Institute
Critical Path Method, CPM, for Visual Basic 6.0
VB6 program generates robot code for an ABB robot. It uses Visual Basic programming
to make the robot move in a typical circular polishing pattern. Technique demo.
ABB polishing program for Visual BAsic 6.0
This program written in C++ Builder 4.0 lets you make Kaleidoscope pictures. It is a rewrite of the
VB3 program below.
Profiler program allows bitmap to CNC conversion. Image is scanned horizontally and/or vertically
to create a profile that can be cut on a CNC mill. Grayscale is quantized to adjust z-axis depth.
Different tool overlaps are permitted. Different depths and tool radius are permitted. Final sizes
of X-Y output can be adjusted. Source code in C++ Builder 4. Newly revised Aug.'02
CNC engraving program. Grayscale is converted to depth of cut, some image adjustment possible
Program for simulating 2D Servo robot. Forward and reverse (inverse) kinematic models are
presented. Hunting properties of the forward kinematic model and lack of stability
are clearly demonstrated. Hope you have as much fun with this thing as I have. Ball
is hidden behind slider...
*Simulation of kinematic & reverse kinematic robot servo systems
Program for calculating Mortgage Payments, written in C++ Builder.
This program can be used to save money!!
Thanks go to Lowell Griffin, former ITT instructor, for interesting me in this programming exercise.
Tell me if you have trouble running this, the DLL's for Builder can be bound into the program but I don't
always get it right.
Mortgage program
z-transform mortgage formula derivation.
Program for calculating 2-D cutter offsets for mill and lathe with source code in VB6.
Crude program for checking CNC calculations.
Old DOS Version in Pascal appears with CNC simulator below.
*Offset program
Create artificial neural networks and train them to recognize patterns or solve problems.
See "", then load examples to see what program looks like. Design net, choose transfer f
functions, train net, solve simple pattern transformations. Fair starting point for added sophistication.
No error trapping, kludgey.
An introductory neural net maker, using backpropagation, source code in VB6.
Spirograph simulator dedicated to Arthur Winfree, Univ. of Arizona (formerly of Purdue).
*Winfree, spirodoodles, with source code, VB6.0
A screensaver Computer Art program appears below with similar algorithm
Solve Polynomials with dissimilar roots not near 1.0
Bernoulli's Method of Moments
Solve Polynomials, alternate method
Newton's Method
Early Kaleidoscope simulator in C++ Builder 3.0, similar attempt was made in VB, no source code. Two
pictures at /../eak2.htm were from this early program.
Heptascope, a Kaleidoscope for bitmaps.
Quadratic Formula.
Simple quadratic formula calculator.

The screensavers here should work with XP and Windows 2000
Upgraded with VB6 and the help of several open source elves
Drag .scr file to system file under winnt or windows directory. Right click on desktop to select screensavers.

< /a>
Ketan/Winfree screensaver Decolores's screensaver
Rainbow screensaver A fungal screensaver
Just Plain Bubbles Place Holder

VB-3/4 and DOS programs after this line

Warning: the screen savers made here were designed for Windows 3.1 & 95 and do  not run or run poorly in Windows 98 and above.  Some of the ini files may have the same names as other ini files in this series, please check before unzipping.   These are presented for the techno-curious and for the good of all Rylans.

Several hand made screen savers=:)======
*Ketan's mechanism

Shows the mechanism used by the Winfree spiro-simulator program above. Built for the amusement of Ketan Schroff and the BASID department!! Suggest using a Pentium XXX at 300TeraHZ.

*DECOLores, color pinwheels, with source code
*deCOLORES, same program, slower, with cursor hiding, source code
*Rainbow,randomly walks in color space, source code

*Rainbow2, brighter

*FANS, A screen saver and its source code in Visual Basic

*CWIRL, A pretty screen saver, a mod of fans, no source code

Many of the programs here were originally written for sale many, many years ago and were copyrighted and marketed by Science Specialists, Inc., a company started by my wife and I . Some were prototypes of Windows programs and do not have any source code documentation. Others simply never saw the light of day. Science Specialists , Inc. now invites you to take an old dead thing and make it live again. If you rewrite & change the look and feel of the program its yours! If you send me an improvement or a totally different program that simply behaves better, I will post it without copyright and will encrypt the machine language version it so that your name is preserved forever as the creator of the new version!! No error trapping was included in most of these programs. No one had ever heard of Visual Basic or C++. File handling was a black art and improper entry meant 'start over'! But because these particular programs are often helpful their source code and compiled versions are zipped and presented here. If you choose to use these programs in a commercial product as-is rather than take the few hours to rewrite them, then you must pay Science Specialists, Inc. a small licensing fee, (call 1-800-456-4448 ). That would be terribly foolish but it would be better than being sued!!! High schools and colleges are granted permission to use them as-is without charge provided no money is made from their use or resale and provided that copyright notices are preserved.  
1. Windows based computer art program
Spirograph (TM) like doodles under script control, revised 3/3/98
*Visual Basic's VBRUN300.dll needed to run this program

Alert:AMT Students...
Math problems giving you headaches, these programs may help .......
Use following programs on homework or use TI-80 series calculator...

2. Solve simultaneous equations with real coefficients and values. Older DOS based program.
...Also includes program for simultaneous equations with complex coefficients and values.

3. Solve simple polynomials
Newton's method

4. Other math helps&toys, (***indicates not yet posted)
Matrix inversion with complex coefficients
Simple Linear Regression
Plot equations + line & point data, Needs GW-BASIC to run, Quickbasic won't work!!
Inverse LaPlace for non-repeating roots
HMT matrices, plot of line path or robot arm
Calculate moisture and humidity, Requires GW-BASIC to run

5. Machine Simulations (see VB6 converted programs earlier)
A CNC Lathe Simulator/Programmer
Industrial Robot Simulator, 2D, VAL-1 language emulator

A tribute to the thousands of programmers resurrecting and emulating old ROM games &
computers. A nodding wink from that old game warrior her own self:

This Ms. pacman gif is from a typical Mame32 site in Germany.
These game emulators represent a milestone in computer
Have you failed to probe Opengl, I have :) You need a new driver :)
Make your own voxelab filament spool retainer washer retainer washer

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