Step by Step House Construction - Columbia City, Indiana

Diary of a House Construction-The Dream by Dream Description-Month 2

Welcome to (*Fake Name): "Bobber Harbor"

They Pronounce it: "Bahbah Hahbah" in Hahvahd Yahd

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Jennifer's Flower

"Twisted Sister", june 21

Odd Variant, Rare Beauty

June 23 (pond side)

back corner

Bronte's Manse

June 25 back

June 25 front



June 28, hot work

Upstairs Main Loft

Loft view

North Bedroom loft, 7-01-01

South 'Boris Tesloft'

June 30

Crawl Space Access

Marge Takes in Loft View

New Roof, July 4

windows, july 5

window door

window shower

septic field of dreams

more windows - July 11

big picture (used a crane)

Insulation, July 14


Sitting on the steps

Power & water & air , oh my


Drywall Finished - july 19

"Twisted Sister" - july 19

Entrance Hallway

Flower Place Holder Pictures taken in Spring 2001
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