"To Each According to His Wants" -- Rush Limbaugh

Let us begin by saying that "Mein Kampf" and "Das Capital" are 
both evil fairy tales pandering to the the most naive and vulnerable
of society.  They are both equally discredited.  And anyone 
with the least ability to do Aristotelian logic can see the 
ethical black hole created by them. But Karl Marx was, by
far, more evil than Hitler because after killing millions, after
stealing the possessions of billions of people, after treating
generations of brilliant young idealists as cattle, and after
condemning whole populations to slavery without the merest
glimmer of hope, the myth continues to poison the core of
good intentions for the entire human race.  

Optimistically we can start by saying that perhaps as many as 600 million people in the world would have personally killed Che Guevara had they been given a chance!! When they finally succeeded it was justifiable homicide and very, very few people will ever miss the poor stupid idealistic twit except for a few naive misguided Marxist zealots. Really, he was just a dumb criminal, a misled baby boomer gone fatally wrong.
"Criminals unite!". Unfortunately the Democrat candidates in the US, particularly Hillary and even some of the Republican Bush-Bots, may soon be headed down a similar path but with much less chance for survival!! So I am offering an alternative, a way to survive, and this is meant simply as a logical prediction of the obvious terrifying series of events about to unfold. This in no way should be taken as an advocacy of violence, for illegally vacationing in Guantanamo, or as a wake up and drum beat for nincompoops.
So before you pop a blood vessel or start rounding up the usual suspects read on:
The problem is blood simple. Capitalism works. It gives the little guy hope and a chance. Socialism and fascism (that darling endorser of megacorporations), do not! In a healthy society if you don't like working for one company you can always choose another. If one company is unethical or denies its workers ownership and a say in operations, there are 100 others that will. If a group needs help, you have a dozen different ways of providing it and a dozen different organizations and philosophies for delivery.
If a company is oppressing third world people by slave labor (e.g. remember Kathy Lee Gifford)or imposing huge salaries on its elected CEO's you can expose the evil and legislate changes. But with a socialist government, there is no separation of corporation, religion, and state, they are all the same!! There is only one company to work for, only one philosophy. With large governments as well as with megacorporations, the people (i.e. the assumed sheeple) are so desperately separated from the supposedly beneficent leadership that often a sort of top-down mob rule becomes common (like a kangaroo traffic court but on a much larger scale).
Under such misguided zeal people can be slaughtered or enslaved in droves for just a change in perception or slant, e.g. per Stalin or per the president of United Fruit Company. And since the cooperatives are run for the good of the people they often become potential sweat shops, a kind of super Walmart where everyone must sacrifice for the needs of the many until they (i.e. you, the many) simply fall over dead from exhaustion unable to support a bankrupt & entitled "ubervolk". What really gums up the works, however, is a silly thing called ownership. On the one hand it is a benchmark by which the individual is rewarded, is motivated and can measure success. On the other hand it is the photo album in grandma's dresser that reassures us of the continuity of family and self worth. But in a socialist state everything is technically owned by the state and you are expected respect that. Mistakes and their memory then are erased repeatedly by property seizure and by heavy handed bureaucrats enforcing the official version of the Pollyana-ocracy.
Tragically respect is thus so very rarely two way. How can megacorporations or a soviet governance respect the individual, especially at the top level, a rara avis indeed? Grandma's chest is used in place of heating oil or plowed under to make way for a more profitable strip mall. Photo albums and Yankee pot roast recipes are narcissism, "forbidden on the international socialist banking transponder". Thinking, philosophy, technology and religion are equally against the law, the obvious spawn of devils who would corrupt the 'system'.
But people understand this. People are but small furry animals, but they will not tolerate the bull crap. They can easily become very, very angry small furry animals in need of simple comforts and the respect of knowing that others will not take their things, make their lives miserable, or move their cheese. Life is simply too short for these things, too short to have a centralized city computer or a goofy corporate makeover screw them out of everything they love and need on a daily basis. But this was exactly the case in the old USSR, in Russia before the dawning of a little common sense!
Centralized planning means you often can't & don't have any control over your own life. It is more difficult to live. The central planners, the experts from afar know best! The little butcher shop on the corner has no owner, and no one can say if or when the Veggan planners will provide bologna or bacon. There are ten butchers but no steak. To steal a pork chop is a state crime. The local soviet or fascist corporation quality circle may, after due process, be able to provide relief to a starving child who is dying of a soy milk replacement diet created by the state but only after executing the poor state drone, the developer, the evil individual who created this horrid curse.
But what of the butcher him- or herself who wants to build aluminum ice boats? "From each according to their capabilities" this is often the corporate and always the socialist mantra. And since the computer says the bulk of complaints are about meat, we must obviously need more butchers!! And just what sort of ghoul is picked by the state to be a butcher???? Job requirement: "must like murdering small animals!".
"To each according to your needs." But since when does anyone above dog catcher have a clue as to what your needs are??? Hillary does, Obama does, McCain does!!! ========Not!!=======
And while ultimately ownership and land barely matters (In the end most people are intelligent enough to know that the worms win.), in the short run if you do not fight you could lose everything: cheese, family, country, lore, science, history, ethics, love, and all humanity.
By contrast, several capitalist economists have predicted and many have shown that pretty much everyone can become rich in many, many, ways within a capitalist democracy and still provide a responsible safety net to catch the unfortunate. Competing interests, charitable organizations, and supply and demand, makes sure that all the children can and usually do have real milk, but only if all the corporations aren't merged into one, only if the ignorant, stupid insane litany of socialism is not embraced as "impressive, intellectual, wonderful goodness",... only if problems remain as addressable and manageable locally, and only if ownership, ethics, and management aren't sacrificed and rendered abstract, lost, unreachable and ever shifting.
But within any society, capitalist or communist, ethics and sound decision making are the greatest responsibility of every citizen. The chain is only as good as its weakest links. And short chains are better than long ones (where have I heard that before). Reinforcing this, in a republic such as ours, the responsibility is perceived to fall to the individual and to be robbed by the evil of monster corporations and governments. This is the proper scheme of things in any fair society, the shortest chain! By contrast,in a socialist state the responsibility is perceived to lie with the state and to be robbed by the evil individuals and corporations. And within the monster corporation, the responsibility is perceived ...etc.
Summary: in socialism and in many megacorporations the citizen, "our comrade", our customer is secretly or publically reviled, but consider that the citizen is always a puny evil compared to the looming hulk of evil that can be generated by "teams" or "communes "acting in concert "for the good of the people" but without a rigid code of ethics or consultation or priority given to the concerned individual. Is it therefore any surprise that systems only succeed which can reward and groom the individual as a responsible team of one, e.g. the "Republic" as envisioned in the Federalist papers, some Buddhists sects, and some of the smaller, more private communist and religious communities. These continue to be the most successful economic and social engines!
It doesn't take much of a genius to realize that these problems therefore would
seem to have less to do with any of the systems than upon their integration. But pay attention. If you really feel that way you need to seriously reread the opening paragraphs of this treatise. You are not thinking clearly! The goodness and success of the individual insures the prosperity of the whole under any system and not the other way around! But what systems breed that virtue consistently (or die trying)? Fascism and Socialism usually do not.
Negativism, on the other hand, kills productivity and desire in any effort or society. And granularity, how many people it takes to raise a child or screw in a light bulb has absolutely nothing to do with the economic system but is most frequently incorrect in a socialist or megacorporate system! My grandfather had a theory he called "the big wheel, little wheel theorem": Corporations and governments start out as a loose aggregation of small successful wheels. If any one wheel fails the penalty is small and the statistics for failure can be high. But as the more successful wheels gobble up the smaller wheels, the penalty for failure becomes larger and larger while the statistics for failure still remain quite high. Ultimately there is an economic or social crash and to survive, people must create their own wheels, and the process starts all over again. This theory bodes ill for fascist (large corporation rule) or socialist (large govern- ment rule via some sort of Democratic structure) systems. Both approaches assure certain and guaranteed death and misery!! Allowing companies like AT&T, Microsoft, or Walmart to grow too large is one such formula for catastrophe. Go to Wikipedia and look up the story of the Chiquita Corporation as an example.
Hillary and most of the other candidates appear to not understand any of this. For example, Hillary is often full of rant and rave over the virtues of government nurturing, but as espoused through a shower of hatred and negativity which insures failure. Her behavior in trying to secretly organize health care into a monolithic (no options) multitiered megabureaucracy showed the classic dichotomy of respect in many socialist and large-corporation approaches, showing how little respect she had for the very people she was trying to help while tearfully posing as their advocate! The current amnesty for aliens legislation is similarly conceived and just as fatally flawed!
In addition, like so many gung-ho socialists she appears to have both a severe lack of understanding plus the insane hatreds, biases, loony tune logic, and the backstabbing ludicrously dangerous beliefs of Engels and Marx. These consumed Russia and even today still assume evil in all things non socialist while denying even the most simple justice for the individual. If you can't deal with the simple ethics of religion, then just get rid of it! Which do you want determining your fate, a Troika (AKA a traffic court where the jury of judges is in the back pocket of the state) looking out for the state coffers, or a simple jury where justice depends on common sense and the shared empathy of your fellow man (as opposed to the hardened profits and the blind rigidity of the laws of the state)?? Is it a surprise that tax courts do not permit a jury? Fascist leaders who would bury the number #2 corporation, the Enrons, the MCI's and the the K-Marts, are little better than socialist crooks but the process is slower. At least so far you still have a choice. But don't count on that choice, or the ownerships it implies, to last much longer in the US.
So, Duck!!! Aunt Mary will make that mistake and then, by the most murderous force imaginable, will look out for and protect her grandmother's photo album and her beloved Uncle Tom. A billion Aunt Martha's, Aunt Jeanne's, Uncle Harry's will also arise. And soon millions of people will see they are being enslaved, about to be swindled and socialized out of their life's work, their simple ownerships, their choices, their beliefs, their loves, their rights, their heritage and their sanity & logic. It won't matter much whether they are tired, poor, huddled, vigorous or rich, the result will still be bloodshed. For example, just librarians, understanding a need for historical preservation alone, could be enough to ensure the death of our next president (per H.G. Wells or George Orwell). For socialism and fascism both do not tolerate well the occasional discordant book, its library, or its librarians!! And librarians can be very fiesty
So Hillary, and others on the left and right with similar aspirations should be denied democratically. For if they are not, then death follows swiftly on both sides, and be aware that fascism is not the alternative, it is just another way to make the same pitiful mistakes. Understand too this is not the Hollywood, lollipop class warfare envisioned by goofballs like Che or Lenin or even Hitler. This is people standing up for simple respect, for a choice of philosophies and systems, a denial of megacontrols and endless social traffic courts, a denial of the mantra that permits intellectuals or corporate gurus to "move your cheese" have your dog (or you) spayed or neutered, or kill your son or daughter in some grand social cleansing.
Socialism positively and completely sucks especially in a corporate environment!!! Nobody knows currently how to fix it. And a logical corollary is that endowment of teams with any special powers, respect or privileges must be suspect, and should be examined skeptically and carefully to determine harm to the individual's productivity, capability and essence. And the result is: see History 101, it could be endless suffering, redrum and starvation, senseless slaughter by both sides.
Or, in the meantime, since Hillary may become a global target,a dangerous anachronistic Leninist freak show playing out her bloody Shakespearian death scenes reminiescent of that bitter and failed atheist USSR shadow world of yesteryear (while claiming to do what Christ did so really well 2000 years ago), we may assume that while several million angry people might be denied, e.g. Che Guevara, several hundred million will be a somewhat bigger problem. And her body guards will then become simply an encumbrance to running fast enough!!
Since Cuba is nice this time of year, especially Guantanamo, I vote that, before we let this thing turn bitter, we start showing personal responsibility, start working harder to automate the production of prosperity, demonstrate the power of positivity, democracy and generosity by shipping all those left and right wing whacko candidates (you know, the goofy ones in the debates) to the sandy beaches of our socialist friends to the south for a long, long vacation where they have free, fly infested, vomit on the floors health care; they don't precipitate endless bloodshed and suffering; they don't move our cheese; and they don't pretend to manage our 401K's, our social security fund, our children or our children's future capabilities & needs for the next 75 years or so (i.e.
in seeming blood soaked perpetuity!!).
Since Castro is old, and since it takes a village to raise a socialist crumb catcher, it seems like the perfect solution. We provide the entire village, we ship them all our politicians. We can also provide at cost all the rum, LSD, and socialist/pirate run daycare centers ever needed right there on the beach where our ex-politicos and Johnny Depp will teach the native population & displaced Taliban the error of their ways and how to sword fight with rubber swords and get parrots to sit on their shoulders. They could even raise their own parrots and rubber trees. Then we shoot a "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequel and give each of them an obscene share of the profits, and just sit back and see how many get back to Key West alive to enjoy the rewards. In the meantime the marines sit offshore with high def. digital cameras, extra rum and a bucket of extra high voltage tazers (and other weapons) just in case the party starts to drag or actually becomes an out of control *party, if you know what I mean.
After all, weapons in a democratic society occasionally need a good cleaning and periodic reliability testing.
(PS: my modifiers don't 'dangle' they simply have multiple personalities) ************************************************* When I first wrote this, there was no cap and trade debate. There were no backroom unconstitutional deals, no obamacare snake oil deal for sleezing away 20% of the US economy while potentially bankrupting millions of doctors and hospitals turning hospitals into the socialist butcher shop described above. There was no backroom theft of 12 trillion dollars in socialist and political graft disguised as stimulus packages with a 90%/10% socialist tilt. And actual unemployment rates had not soared to nearly 20% with the stock market in ruins.Senator Dodd had not announced retirement claiming that his warnings to President Clinton to not remove banking and stock controls, controls meant to prevent economic catastrophe, had gone unheeded. I had not lost my job due to the downturn and people still didn't understand how dangerous George Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama really were. They still don't! That said, one last comment needs be made. =======Socialism and Fascism Suck!!!=========