This is a Protest of the new CFAA Law, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Warning: It could soon be a Felony to View this Page!

       If you are reading this you may soon be in violation of federal law, you have committed a
felony thanks to the new CFAA law just passed by the Senate because:
The conditions for use for this website are: if you are alive, you may not under any condition
read this page on penalty of death by liver parasites!  Now I may have put a perl or PGP
script here to bring up your IP address and your computer identity so that I can charge you with that
felony but then what fun would that be compared to actual liver parasites.  
So, thank you for your time, sincerely,
your fun loving web master and PhD in biology: 
Dr. Edward Kimble.  

Now, where did I put that Perl script? Oh, here it is. Oh, and my goodness, if you have visited other 
web sites with threats like this one, where the terms of use are buried at least three levels down under a large
bar of government cheese, then if I were you, I'd really have my liver checked.  Our government and her
citizens just don't kid around!

PS- However, this is a spoof, sort of.  The new CFAA law would make viewing this page a felony punishable
by serious jail time!  And while no actual liver parasites were harmed today in page preparation.  I may soon
see you in court with my little bottle of liver wigglies unless you write your congressman.


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