The Hillary List

It's not negativity, these were simply the facts. If you looked for a long time, you couldn't find anyone with a more troubling history.  
Nixon, not even close. Trump, a saint by any comparison. I know it's tough but it has to be said, the Clinton age should have been left in
the past where it belonged. Here is my list of bad Hillary fears, deeds, and proposals... and it is far, far from exhaustive!! 
but the list just gets longer.
*65% death tax, goodbye to farms and family businesses
*Beyond abortion, endorsed the disrespect for life of late term abortion, and post birth murder!!
     (bag those kittens and throw them in the river!  Woof!)
*Erasure of human rights and the constitution through a stacked Supreme Court. Particularly the
    *1st- free speech
    *2nd- right to bear arms
    *10th- powers derive from the states, and not the president or federal government!
*She proposed taxes on reinvestment, thereby killing every corporation, farm, or business?! 
.....(why would you do that?) ......
*History of tax and spend, 20T$ debt
*Characterized opponents as deplorables (showing lack of respect for people and process)
*Stiffling corporate rules and regulations
*She seems to have payed to get Secretary of State job! The appearance of impropriety. 
*Erased e-mails & state documents, a federal crime that does not require subpoena.
*Benghazi, lying under oath, lied to and insulted family members, and allowed murder most foul
*Supported a convicted sexual predator by attacking the victims, gave up her law license after husband was disbarred.
*Clinton Foundation "quid pro quo" deals as secretary of state
*behind closed doors law making, pass it to read it
*Behind closed doors Hillary Care Unaffordable care act..    recast as .. 
*(And approved by Hillary) as Obama Affordable Care Act (with $1000/month premiums and $6000 deductibles)
*Proposed expanding taxes on the middle class. (partly as Obamacare!)
*Arab Spring (over 12 countries subjected to Islamic terrorism) thanks to CIA and her state dept. dealings,
     as result, *millions killed, *Christian genocide, *tens of millions of refugees, *moderates deposed. *children killed
*paying people to cause violence at the Trump rallies, (documented in Podesta e-mails)
*Endorsed anti-Assad plan. which included ISIS funding against Syria using weapons & CIA propaganda via 
      Saudi Arabia (as documented in Hillary state department e-mails)
*Nerve gas attack on Damascus, rockets were from US backed arms shipments sanction by Hillary and documented
     by United Nations study!! Source of gas unknown
*Arab Spring like arming of and overthrow of Ukraine, thereby threatening WWIII 
     and forcing Russia to seize Crimea to block further US arms shipments!
*open borders to drug traffic and weapons,
*health issues,
*Open borders to illegal immigrants, far too many for social safety nets to handle,
*and incompatible Syrian immigration with welfare support, importation of Muslims with *terrorists (caused by and approved by Hillary!)
===And then there was the market collapse of 2008 partly caused by her husband,
*Forced low cost housing loans to the poor (unable to pay), forcing mortgage collapse (Bill Clinton),
*Dropped stop loss rules on stock markets allowing rapid 2008 bank and market collapse (Bill Clinton)
*Increased socialism (again), proposed repeatedly the so-called "village of the damned" to raise children, typical socialist 
     education to remove parental influence, coupled with common core curriculum from federal government.
*And kept the money raised for the Haitians (a tangled path through the UN and a long read) ending in the pockets of corporate
     friends of Bill Clinton, some really horrid projects, and a ton of Clinton Foundation funds,
*Received the questions from the debate with Trump in advance from Donna Brazile but didn't reveal the problem or source, 
     chosing instead the dishonest path and advantage.
*The occult by her closest friends, Soul Cooking, really? Woof (Weiner and Podesta e-mails)!
*Black on white racism, BLM hatred of police, look the other way support of black violence, Obama to rioters, "Stay the course!"
*New Wikileaks Bombshell: CNN Collaborated With DNC On Questions for Blitzer/Trump Interview (again Hillary was dishonest!)
.... those are not just made up or imagined stories about Hillary and friends, most are historic, others are in speeches or 
e-mails, but all, so far as I have been able to find, are factual, and evidence of a woman with perhaps a string loose, a short 
circuit maybe, but an unethical person without clear moral compass, and a person unable to predict the outcome of her 
own actions based on previous history.

On second thought, maybe there is a cloud of negativity floating over this candidate...!!! 

(Written before the election)
          I'm afraid it's probably a done deal by now, Hillary is president. Most people, including many independents and most of my family, are in denial. They cannot believe the problems with Hillary nor can they believe any of those awful conclusions about her are real, even when supported by facts, documentation, or her published polices, therefore they won't even look at the facts (for fear of negativity? Really?). And in the list above I took a few unfair swats at her that might not be completely deserved, like letting her law degree lapse. But most believe the facts to be only political differences or RNC divisiveness or Trumped up "negative advertising" even though most of the problems, like a high "death tax" or Benghazi, or Whitewater were done or endorsed by her long, long, ago. Most of her policies are right down the line out of the "do gooder" socialist playbook. They sound so good, they are a wonderful siren song. But many are FOR things like abortion that when she supports late term or post term killing, creates a nuance, that difference is socialist zeal, a disrespect for life, and immorality (the end justifies the means, especially for the greater good!!). That nuance is lost in the cloud of discourse and conviction. But with that socialist zeal comes all the class hatreds that such beliefs engender and that her followers have so far acted upon (like burning the flag, or churches, or destroying vehicles, killing police, egging opposition, destroying businesses, behind closed doors law making, infinite debt, and attacking Trump supporters). !!!There is the true divisiveness, the call of that ancient French guillotine!!! If it really goes bad as it has in so many countries, I don't think the notion of a republic by the people and for the people, with "all men created equal," as set out so eloquently in the Federalist Papers, can then survive. At that point, the smell of the socialist grass, always greener in the rich guy's yard (or under his bed), or the poor souls who are soon to lose their lives to an unwanted pregnancy, their life robbed and denied by that unborn child, ....or by some other fellow's plans and dreams, carried away by capitalist liberties, ...or simply by the greed of self determination! the other fellow's FREEDOM, that smell is just too strong.... And then it all starts over. I swore to myself at the beginning of Hillary's campaign in 2008 not to let that "nuance" get an attaboy from me, not to sit quietly by while watching Hillary spin a backwards tale born of ignorance, class hatreds, or a twisted state education. Make no doubt about it, this is no longer a battle between Democrat and Republican or between their traditional beliefs, that celebrated fulcrum between investment and compassion. This is a battle between our republic form of government and that ancient evil of socialism and class hatreds, the French Revolution vs. the American Revolution but recast in 21st century terms, not even an argument really between good and evil intent or caring, but rather between the good and evil consequences of two totally different governmental paradigms, push, pull. One ending in murder, pointed fingers, and empty bread lines, and the other offering Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness but too often snuffed out by it's evil twin. But the truth is out there, the Samizdat, the Chartists, the Federalist papers, all open for the reading.. Until the censors reach the deep internet.

And I said this several years ago
And we celebrate Herbie, that antihero of socialism.
Added January 2, 2017
Trump shows none of the classic signs of evil government power mongering or dictatorship despite the 
many disparaging him. There are things that often define an evil dictator, but Trump is none of those:
1. Kills people he doesn't like - nope
2. Arrests and brutalizes dissenters - nope
3. Nationalizes transportation, communication, and most major businesses - nope
4. Only allows one party, his or hers.- nope
5. Decries morality and religion as bad because the end justifies the means. - nope
6. Controls public media - now there's a joke
7. Disarms dissidents and citizens. State control of local police - Obama, but not Trump
8. Suggests socialism (state control) replace capitalism (business self controlling) - nope
9. Blocks people leaving country - nope (wants to block illegal and over immigration, people entering country)
10. Controls people's lives (like healthcare, housing, food) - no, wants people to have more, &better choices.
11. Disrespects life (late term abortion, death penalty, enslavement to taxes, death tax) - nope but sounds a lot like Hillary!
12. Antisemitic & hates self determination - no, that's the other guy
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