Economically, with the theft of 68% of worker's income,
numbers say Obama could be worst socialist leader ever!!
As capitalist leader, Duck Dynasty better!!

A= $51,000                 = Avg. US worker income from OMB (hasn't changed since 1989! oops!)
B= $4.5 T$ per year        = projected budget for 2014
C=  156 million            = number of workers in US

Do the math yourself: Take the worker's average income in the US, A. And divide it into the projected
yearly national budget under Obama Care, at 4.5 Trillion dollars per year, B. You now have the number
of worker incomes needed to pay for that budget, 

B/A  =  88 million workers enslaved...

However, there are only 156 million workers in the entire US, this 
means 56% of the workforce is already enslaved, holy cow.

%enslaved = (B/A)/C*100, and hence 56%  of the workers...

This also means 56% of the American worker's families are also enslaved.....           so....
roughly 180,000,000 slaves(56% of our population of 316 million people) are 
slaves to the government. Hence, they now have considerably less life, less liberty, and a whole lot
less gas for pursuit of happiness than ever before.  Why? 56% of their income would go to to pay for
some government bureaucracy, for waste. Now, go back and ask yourself, even if Obamacare is only
1/4 of that cost, why on earth would you ever want it? It's pure waste, 100% bureaucratic waste.  
Smart guys like Dr. Laffer (Laffer curve) and even socialist wastrels like former Greek Prime Minister
George Papandreou suggest that rate should never ever exceed 35-40%. 56% is too much. 

****  Another point of view ****
A mortgage should never exceed a two year salary level or you 
will never be able to pay it back. We are now roughly at that point, C*A*2, 16 Trillion dollars, sadly 
our financial survivability goes down exponentially for every trillion over 16. And somewhere around
20T$, we're toast, government creditors forever lost, 
.........................sorry creditors, sorry Obama, sorry,  you are about to get hosed....................... 

But it gets worse.  Total tax revenue for 2013 was estimated to be 5.4 trillion dollars.   In the previous 
analysis we found the total income of all workers to be right around 8 Trillion dollars.  But 5.4 T$ could
be the maximum tax level possible, the maximum income level of the US government.  If true, we have 
already exceeded our maximum ability to repay the public debt, by almost factor of 2! Are we past our 
tipping point, already dead from the waist up, i.e and from the waste, down?
.... We have numerous hidden taxes.  But roughly 5.4T/8T gives:
68% of all worker income enslaved
Only 32% remains for.....
food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and the American Dream!
Are you kidding me? Oh, and it gets worse...
Average worker income, $51,000, is the same as it was in 1989 while inflation has doubled. This means with the increased taxes, remaining income is only 32%. Factor in %50 lost to inflation and todays income compared to 1989 is only 16% of it's previous value), hence, actual wages have decreased by a factor of more than 5, while buying power is 22% of 1989 levels, a huge loss of revenue, and almost entirely the fault of the Obama administration!
So when he says his problems are inherited, pffght!: no way a trillion dollars for Obama Care is a mistake, no way 30 million Hispanics are a mistake, no way failure to let people invest their own money is a mistake. i.e. It is a very intended and a very naive mistake, a train wreck, entirely at the door of the Democrats. bad socialism in any country, and only feigned to be a fault of the Republicans, but poor the poor ignorant RINO's like McCain for going along with it!

i.e. So "Good Grief Charlie Brown"

Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Transportation trumps Healthcare, i.e. ACA is epic fail,

Taken arbitrarily from facebook
Tiffany xxxxx
It isn't "helping the uninsured". My husband's
insurance doesn't meet the new guidelines. So, I got on the calculator
website. It would cost us 39 percent of our income. So, I did some
playing around with it. I put in that I'm a single, unemployed mom.
It quoted me at $3700 a year. $3700 was with NO INCOME. That's not
"affordable care".
Melanie xxxxx
I just talked to a very close friend of mine, and
she was telling me that last Friday she got a letter in the mail from her
insurance company. It was telling her that the insurance she has had
for the last 8 years at $61.28 a month will now cost her $231.78 a month
if she wanted to keep "the same" plan!!!
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