Part-10 Restoring Sanity

Sometimes the best way to work is to plunge forward. Got a drywall lift. I ran across this wonderful quote from, the creator of Parsons Technology and Godaddy, from George S. Patton: "Any good plan executed violently today is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow." Rejoice, summer of 2008 passes into fall. After being let go by unnamed educational corporation (with good severance package) we found that our contractor who left the ruts on the pond side and never refilled the dirt ran into other problems that kept him from our door. The weeds were 8 foot high. I knocked them down with a sickle and Jeff Eager, good guy and all around positive person has helped put things right. He found a bulldozer and an operator with good capabilities who, after 8 hours, has filled in the hill below the house, see below. This should really be over with the home construction pictures but maybe later. The tubing for power left in the fall of 2007 is now awaiting a new fate as intercom, phone and security line to the shop, having been wrestled to a bloody standstill by Mr. Eager where it went under the sidewalk. I will never be a good news photographer and at 62 am losing the desire to hug phone poles in a hurricane but Jeff was positively inspirational.

In addition a vapor barrier now exists between the shop and the greenhouse. I chose Aluminite, a laminated aluminum/polycarbonate signage sheet for the barrier. The aluminum should last forever. Meyer Plastics had two damaged sheets that they sold me for 40$, the third sheet was toxic, 92$ but the job is done. We reversed the blade on our trusty Ryobi battery operated circular saw, cut the stock, bought several dollars worth of liquid nails, stainless steel washers and screws, voile!!!, vapor barrier. Still no power to the shop, the top on the spectrophotometer for the lab has never been found, and the REMC will have to wait until I can find a few shekels, but we do live on Sheckler Road so there is hope. Marge has been battling some sort of severe circulatory problem. We need Dr. House. We got Dr. Hyde. She ended up in the hospital and missed the last week of summer session 2. .

For those of you who have followed this saga, you may also have noticed that our former web site was swallowed up by Earthlink and we have been forced to move to If you look at the pictures above you will notice that we aren't quite done yet. Jeff suggested however a clever idea for maybe getting back to an aluminum frame for the greenhouse. I can get scrap structural aluminum and old aluminum irrigation pipe for pennies on the dollar but the concern has been how to mount it. Jeff is also a geodesic dome nut and carries a dome around in a suitcase (I kid you not) for a 30 foot dome. Similar mounting problems, similar solution: wood filled plastic recycle footers. The plastic is nearly bulletproof and allows you to lag almost any material to it with lag screws or stove bolts. This also solves another problem, the wall bolts are iron and are corroding badly. Electrolysis from the aluminum would normally be a problem but now I can seal with silicon glue and use stainless bolts...trouble?.... not anymore! I say HA! to trouble, we don't need no sinking trouble senor. I said this on the last page, "I may be finally get back to doing something ".. maybe I will. I did get filed for Social Security but I keep thinking: The summer of love, we're going to need more planning here.

The dog thinks he is in heaven, a 400 foot run. Now imagine that same 400 fout run full of fruit trees. A few apples, a few plums, a few black cherries, a few peaches, a few apricot trees, maybe (global warming permitting) a few persimmon, a few pear trees, a few nectarines, a few medlar (kill the rabbits), hmmm....maybe time for a bit of rabbit stew, yummy.

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