Or how to watch home made 3D content on your 3dtv
Death of the Bazaar?

The Lie, the cover up, and that terribly dim 3D bulb
The Journey
I spent some serious time trying to find 3D MKV and MP4 video files for experimentation and examination. A lot of sites had been taken down except Youtube. I also had trouble hacking formats and rejiggering frame rates, etc. Had the most miserable luck. It seemed clear that someone had been modestly meticulous in removing certain types of content, especially short clips, and format information, exactly the sort of thing you need for examination and testing of ideas. Oddly, I also found numerous sources that said you can't get there from here, you can't show these files on your 3DTV. And they were dead serious, the words "forbidden fruit" came to mind.
Sadly, several hints slowly seeped into my brain, YT3D Youtube has added a special 3d code to trigger 3D reading? What? And the blueray people added a 3D flag to HDMI transmissions? Really. So, I'm from Indiana (that's kind of like Missouri) so I just had to try it. I took one each, an Mp4 and an MKV 3D file in SBS format, put them on a flash drive and plugged it into the usb port of my blueray player. And exactly as I had been led to expect, lots of nice side by side pictures, and no 3D, cool. But Sony and Fuji sell 3D cameras and Roxio Creator interconverts Fuji to MKV and MP4. That was a crack in the wall and one of those things that make you go hmm. Obviously there had to be a way besides plugging in your camera to the TV...

The solution..
Then I read an interesting note, you can generally set the reading mode manually on most 3DTV's. Sure enough, there is was. 3D, right there in the menu... The TV (a Vizio) then ask me if I wanted SBS (side by side) or top and bottom, etc. I chose SBS, based on the picture I had previously seen. This scrambled the heck out of the incoming tuner picture, folding it in half. So then I switched to the blueray player (a mistake in sequence), and it promptly erased my 3D choice on the TV (good software choice by the Vizio people but a moment of panic), Started the film clip, Went back to the TV. rechose 3D SBS, put on my polarized glasses... Amazing!! a spider eating a human in 3D, cool!

finding a software to download youtube videos, so far, isn't too hard. I switched to waterfox after Firefox (Mozilla) abandoned most of its customers and development community in a meltdown over language changes and add-ons... Concerning the Cathedral and the Bazaar (see wikipedia) the Bazaar may be about to get a spine. I'm using "video download helper", but there are many such programs out there.
Video Helper... https://www.downloadhelper.net
Once a file is identified, the download is possible in many formats. Here is the one with the giant spiders...
could be gone before this cyber ink dries!! Giant spider prepares to eat human :)
Hint 3D TV isn't dead, it's just suffering from a really bad case of paranoid software freaks.
Oddly, most of the encryption code in the iso files!
Ed Kimble- Thanksgiving 2017