Open Office Presentations

Open Office is shareware, free to most, it runs under Linux or Windows 7, it has 
many of the features of the more costly MS product and it has all these wonderful
tools but I never seemed to be able to find time to use any of them.  So today I 
gave it a try and made several versions of a presentation on how to calculate SP3 
chemical bond angles. This is something most people don't know how to do. And 
I understand that somewhere there is probably a much better presentation but today
the challenge was to arm the warrior and the citizenry.. Today the object 
was to see if Open Office had all the tools to let me do it.  Going in I figured this 
was something the avg. high school or early college student could learn from and
might be curious about and at the same time, if the tools were there the whole 
thing would work out and be easy to read!!

The following then are all file exports or various options available from the main 
menu of Open Office Impress presenter.  Click on the blue link below to show the
first attempt, an HTML export. Unfortunately there was no exit button and clicking 
the back button can become tedious, so I went through each page and added an 
exit button, a link back home. Where there is no exit button like the one here below, 
I was interrupted, sorry. This is a linked HTML list.    Open Office can 
also make PDF files  as shown here.  This format is not as well done but 
the form exports nicely.  The best presentation is found here, using a file  with
 frames it has some very nice advantages although I had to tweak the frame size.
There is also an automatic advance system for HTML slides, not shown here, it uses
the HTML refresh command, but seems less useful.

Then there is a flash player, swf file creation, hopefully shown below.  This uses 
flash to create a presentation that can be advanced by clicking on the presentation.
  • Observations: Open Office did not put in the file extensions.
  • Sound effects, yep there is one, were not kept in the SWF file.
  • None of the transitions or wipes were kept..........
  • For frames, to get rid of the base page shown for the simple HTML file was tedious, editing 15 files!