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Stuff I Wrote Down very, very Late one Night,
or two.., or three..., or four....
P.S. "A quarter note gets one beat!", (Nicolas Dvoras).

Talking vegetables with a touch of zucchini, wiildflowers, and tomatoes

Fifteen keys to success from Forbes author Kevin Kruse
Solar panels, a mythical panacea, 245W panel, 10W delivered!!
New CFAA Laws would make this page illegal and deadly
The death of CFL's at the Kimble House
Open Office in Windows7, or two presentations of the old 109.5 degree SP3 bond angle!
Is your house about to murder you? Click here to find out!
Obama care could enslave your great grand kiddles, really!
Egg salmonella scam and/or bureaucratic scandal, you decide!!
Tomato salmonella scam and/or bureaucratic scandal, you decide!!
Peanuts too, shame on you salmonella fellas.
Ten myths about minimum wage (1st draft).
VB6 is far better at OOPs than VB.Net
You know you have a tick problem if:
Obama Health Plan Dangerous to Children and Other Living Things
Calculating energy economy: Eez reel, da zebras get 300 mpg....
You know you are a country programmer if:
Kimbles Rule (used to be Osama's Rule):The rule of vine..
"Hooah"..A suggested Addition to Webster's..
Flossing behind the ears, and other virtues
"The Organist in the Corner-A requiem for costly energy.. " by E.A. Kimble
A poem for the times.
"The Cow Path", Another poem from another time.
Psychiatry for gardeners
The Myth of the Hydrogen Economy
The Great Train Drain, A Congressional Report Card..
Microsoft, that newly reviled standard sort of software
Could vegetarians destroy all animal life on earth??
Copyrights, a bad set of laws gets worse.
Bush right in New Orleans.
Teach a man to fish.
When you waste your time(&I should know)!

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Political Zucchini Foo
The list, why not President Hillary in 2016
The Cost of Democracy from the movie "Crisis"
Fascism Test... Is she/he a fascist, dictator, or Nazi
Watch out for Socialism and Fascism, or Hillary in 2012

more zucchini-less hate speech

Leave it to the Jihadists to complain when someone notices they are on a Jihad!!
Likes: Enron, MCI Worldcom, Martha Stewart, Blue Herons, and other small animals and innocent creatures ( that routinely get smashed by authoritarianism run amock) , wild flowers, ethics and the governments and religions that support them. and I liked the Mantis Markup Language and Sonique 2

... Sonique, that's French for really fast!!

Dislikes: democrats (who regularly suck the working marrow out of a pickup truck and give it to crazy Steve jest cuzz he dun't have any), George Bush (worse), Chicago toll booths(worser), existentialists (the worst, especially the hopeless preppies who can't rationalize hope, joy, and the meaning of predestination with effectiveness of sound decision making....i.e.see history 101), negative vibes (even from myself), marxists, fascists, muslims, methodists, and corporate CEL's (chief executive lunatics) who want to replace my will with their's because they really believe they know what I and my surroundings need and what my capabilities are or should be. To help, they will accept compulsory donations of "XXX%"of my stuff (i.e.never their stuff) because obviously, "the rain in Spain falls mainly in the wrong part of the plain", etc., yata-yata-yata!. Examples, weapons of mass destruction, excess Mexicans, (insert country with attitude here), unwed (insert sexual preference here), resurfacing the Tamiami Trail, hanging chads, guns in: (schools, trains, planes, Somalia, Cape Cod, etc.), prisons with: (no water, flooding, prisoners, not enough prisoners, friendliness, too unfriendly, old cement, new cement, predators, capacity, etc.). Example, when Enron had an accounting misreporting of less than a billion and a half dollars on a reported net worth of over 350 billion dollars it was feeding time for the marxists, fascists, muslims, etc.. If I went to pay for a $3.50 cheeseburger and I missed 2 cents, the waiter/ress would hand me the two cents. Not uncle sam!! Instead he burned the company to the ground and then took the principals to court for the scuttle (see the bold print above) and he gave the meaty bones of the company to bankrupcy lawyers!! Strangely, the innocent victims never caught on and never did see the real monster. They were so swagged by the real bad guy, uncle sam, that they patted him on the back for his wonderful efforts. God loved the good president of Enron, however, and pounded the DOJ back to the ice ages by turning their furtive 2 year effort into the bowl of rotted worms they ended up with and so very richly deserved!!

Now wasn't that fun!!

Did I mention all that..zucchini.

(P.S. "1/4 note gets one beat" - Hoagland Jr. High, Nicolas Dvoras, 1959)

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