Part 3-The Walls


One of the keys to scientific breakthrough is a peculiar effect that occurs when visualization is supplanted by reality. Remember the scene from the movie "Independence Day" where Randy Quaid attacks the alien hive ship and says, "Hello boys, remember me, I'm back." Until that moment everyone talking to Quaid believes him to be delusional. Suddenly you realize the whole integrated reality. Every human experience to one extent or another is like that. Once you have seen a Komodo Dragon, drawing dragons is easy. Enter the workshop.

Below are some of the first pictures taken from inside the workshop. I have now stood at the overhead door maybe 20 times and I am staggered by what my mind sees and imagines. Cedar facing boards lay on the cement floor at my feet filling the shop with wonderful smells. You can walk out into the greenhouse area for the first time on a bed of pebbles. The windows let in light but they are a far different thing than what I imagined. When the support boards were removed from the walls the size of the shop seemed to turn into a grand vault. I will miss that feeling when the partition walls are covered. The openness right now feels good..

This morning I sat on a lawn chair inside the sunroom. No screens, no doors, but sunshine and a beautiful view of the pond. The dog ran up and down the hill and back and forth through the porch as I read a book. Only one cup of coffee lost to the leaping lab, the dog and I could choose shadow or sun as needed. Nifty!! (left-looking west,right-looking east)




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