Part 4-The Sunroom Porch


It is interesting to see how other people solve problems with seeming ease that would take you hundreds of hours to solve yourself. After trying to glean as much information as I could about how Margaret wanted to use the porch and after seeing how one of the IPFW University deans had solved a similar problem, I had made a rough sketch of how I thought the sunroom might look. The house had originally been built too close to the existing hill going to the pond (me bad). This meant there was no flat land to have a barbeque or to entertain invited guests. And no side of the house faced the sun, the garage was on the south side!! I had laid out a line of demarcation where the hill could be backfilled to provide such a flat and still leave the pond visible but the sunroom seemed to jut out too far. And the roof would be compromised to install the roof line.

Jeff, however, came back with a simple series of solutions. By angling the sunroom, more surface faced the pond. It would have sun morning and evening. The hillside now would have the appropriate flat, and the ridge line could be tucked under an existing eave where the effect of cutting into the roof would be minimized. He also rounded the end to make the windows more symmetric, provide a better view, and make the room more attractive. Below is the progress to date (Sept. 17, 2007). And it looks pretty good. Also included is a Google Earth shot to see where this is happening.


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