Black Wednesday/Purple Tuesday

Good news, I found my do-it-yourself greenhouse book!! Yea!!

Bad News>>>>>>>>

All the quotes for greenhouse materials thusfar have been for over 10K$ for the glazing and frame. This seems like too much and I am determined to drop this figure. In the meantime all the misc. soffit material was removed by the contractor. Oops!!

Leaping Labradors!! ITT Educational Services on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 at about 1700 Hours decided to terminate my employment after 28 years, to be effective December 1. I have taught math and programming, many of the same courses for all these years. But suddenly I was considered (without warning) to be unqualified!! Plus, somewhere in that goofy old school I lost my copy of the "Opengl Primer", dang!!, no more rotating rectangles, no more textured teapots..

Oops..... Then, on Tuesday, November 23, Purple Tuesday, they announced that Bud Barnhouse and I had our jobs back!! What?? Flying buzzard feathers!!!. Two lawyers, three contract jobs, numerous calculations, several tax changes, a bunch of cancelled orders for building supplies and a lot of my wife's tears later,and nothing! all is as it was?? I don't think so. I cleaned out my desk. I even removed my pet ferret from the air conditioning duct. Then, November 30 ITT went so far as to cancel one of my contracts with Pearson Publishing for an ITT outline. I am apparently now too busy to do the contract jobs. Hmm. I have said before in my life there is only one rule: don't make my wife cry. And while I must admit its more like a guideline I do belong to NQG (the No Quarter Given pirates guild) and its a toss up between pages 5 & 6 and Davy Jones rules!

Who knew??

Ah, but it gets better. The bad news>

My wife and I took bets that the contractor would wait 'till the wettest day of the year to trench the yard to install the electric lines, thereby creating a huge muddy mess throughout the house for Thanksgiving or Christmas because this is where our dog runs. He did and, and he also managed to cut the propane line two days before Thanksgiving, Purple Tuesday. By noon, however, my wife had found a certified gas technician to restore the Turkey critical line.


The Klingon moon Praxis Explodes due to a technical glitch in their energy mining operation.

The good news: Klingons just hate moon lit nights

".Long live the Klingon Empire!"

Dick Cheney gets atrial heart pimples, they rush him right over to Georgetown Hospital. I get the same thing & I get an appointment in a month and a half in the sub-basement of the Columbia City Hospital adjunct building and everybody sounds pained to make the appointment!! I hope I don't pop a goiter or 'splode 'er somepin'.

==================From "Kelly's Heroes"===============

Oddball: Why don't you knock it off with them negative 
       waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out
       here? Why don't you say something righteous 
       and hopeful for a change?
Moriarty: Crap!

=====Or from "The 10 Things I Hate About You"==============

             CAMERON (looking depressed)
                    We are screwed.
                    Hey, no, hey.  I don’t 
                    want to hear that defeatist
                    attitude.  I want to hear you upbeat.

             CAMERON (smiling and upbeat)
                    We are screwed!

                    OK, There you go.

         < As they watch, the coach gets hit (glandular) 
          with a golf ball and falls to the ground
          moaning (an ominous sign). >