Part-8 Sidewalk gets poured before Christmas!!

Rejoice, Christmas 2007. We have a sun porch and shop and a walkway from the kitchen to the sun porch, hidden somewhere there amidst the straw and dog debris. It is amazing where blessings come from. This has been a year to remember (or forget) and perhaps as we get ready to celebrate New Years, 2007 we need to count those blessings a few extra times.:

Now all we need to do is usher in Bobcat mania 2008! All the mud that's fit to move!

If you got a bag full of dirt for Christmas, the good news is there is a lot more where that came from. It's not too late to get a refill. Think of the enormous possibilities and many many new stories you can tell as you smooth out the landscape and plant those ecology saving fruit trees in front of the rural Kimble home!! You too may be named for a Nobel Prize by stopping erosion single handedly and by planting the seeds needed for recapturing those awful greenhouse gases, the key to stopping global warming (Hint to would be fence painters and nature planters: Please don't read the "Adventures of Huck Finn". This depiction of young people helping the environment casts the unfair assertion that Huck may have taken advantage of his friends and neighbors by hyping the mundane tasks like fence painting so vital to ecological restoration. As this author could bias you against saving the environment we encourage you to read other books like "Who Moved My Cheese". Finding your cheese depends on helping this project!! Click on pictures to enlarge.).

Rumor has it that NASA shot the first moon landings here!!! Conspiracy theory folks notice there are no stars in the background sky..... And notice the large wheel of cheese in the lower right. Think how good it will taste after a fulfilling day of landscaping!!

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